Petra: "I have a much more positive outlook on everything around me"

Petra: "I have a much more positive outlook on everything around me"

5 juli 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023
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In this article Petra talks about her experience with meditation.

“In April of 2019 I spent a week on Ibiza to recover from my breast cancer treatment. A whole week of pouring down rain and new insights. I met Marcel in the B&B where I stayed and we spoke a lot about spirituality and mindfulness. He introduced me to Michael Pilarczyk's books and podcasts. As soon as I got home I downloaded the Meditation Moments App and it has helped me a lot!”

“I wasn’t concerned with gratitude at all”

“I started with gratitude meditations. Because of the breast cancer I ended up in a different place where I wasn’t concerned with gratitude, but with survival. But due to that experience I have come to realize that yes, I can be thankful. Eventually I started a gratitude journal and every night I still write down three things I am thankful for. It takes some practice, but it helps me to be thankful for the little things in life.”

“I think I got sick from all the stress”

Actually, I have always been triggered by meditation and spirituality but I never practiced it. I had a busy job which meant getting up at 5 o'clock, in the car at 6 o'clock, and at work at 8 o'clock. I didn’t get home from work until seven thirty in the evening. There was simply no time for meditation. That kind of life was too busy and not right for me. I’m convinced that all the stress eventually made me sick. I also lost my job because of this, but I wasn’t angry. It’s as if the universe stepped on the brakes and said: “Petra, the way you’re going at is not working anymore.”

“Sometimes I think: shit, I really don’t have time for this now”

“I meditate every day. I particularly like to start my day in peace and quiet, and then do some yoga exercises. At night before I go to sleep or when I’m home by myself, I meditate for a longer period of time. In the beginning it was a very gradual process, but I also had days when I thought “shit I really don’t have time for this now”, and then I did it anyway. Now it’s a standard ritual.”

“If you tell people that you meditate, everyone thinks you do that sitting on your mat in your New Age dress. Sometimes I find myself doing exactly that, but not always. Meditation can also be done while taking a walk or a shower. That's what makes it so great.”

“I’ve become a kinder person”

“I used to be quite judgmental and often voiced my opinion. Meditation has helped me to come closer to myself and to notice the world in a new way. Who’s waiting to hear my opinion, right? It has brought a lot of positive energy into my life and given me a more positive outlook on everything around me. I do feel that I have become a kinder person.”

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