Isabelle: "All those positive quotes really used to get on my nerves. Now I’m the one posting them!"

Isabelle: "All those positive quotes really used to get on my nerves. Now I’m the one posting them!"

5 juli 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023

In this article Isabelle talks about her experience with meditation.

“I grew up with meditation, but over the years it became less. I got divorced four years ago and during the last years of my marriage I never made time for meditation because I was completely stressed and unhappy.”

“It really did got on my nerves”

“In 2019 I hit rock bottom and at the same time my niece was recovering from a difficult period in her life. She would post quotes from the Meditation Moments App and frankly speaking, it really got on my nerves. I was like, "yeah right, all well and good, but first I need to experience something positive before I can feel more positivity."

Early 2020 she recommended the app. I did free meditations for a week and immediately signed up for a membership. It was so comforting. I prefer to listen to a man's voice during meditations and Michael's voice has a certain effect (on me), the timbre of his voice is so soothing.”

“Positivity must come from within”

“I meditate twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. In the morning I start with a cup of coffee, after which I settle down in my chair and a meditation in my ears. That’s when my kids know: she’s listening to Michael so we should leave her alone.

It has given me a lot of peace of mind. I learned that something positive doesn't have to happen to me in order to feel the positivity, it has to come from within. It made me stronger and enabled me to move on.

“The app was the catalyst”

I also went on a journey of self-discovery. During my marriage I had completely lost myself and the app started the process of finding myself again, of growing, of becoming stronger and of finding my strength. In fact, the app was the catalyst.

Slowly but surely I started following Meditation Moments on social media, I attended Maximum Potential from the Mastermind Academy and started reading books on topics such as high sensitivity, narcissism and separation anxiety. Thanks to the app which helped me to find myself and to reflect on who I am and what I want. And those quotes? Now I’m the one posting them on Instagram!”

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