Alexandra: "If I skip a meditation, I feel it right away"

Alexandra: "If I skip a meditation, I feel it right away"

28 juni 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023

In this article Alexandra talks about her experience with meditation.

'Due to corona I had to work from home and suddenly my world became very small. That’s when I started going for walks. I had already downloaded the Meditation Moments App a while ago, but I rediscovered it during my walks. The combination of walking and meditating works very well for me.'

'Every working day starts with a walk and a meditation'

'Since I walk and meditate before my working day starts, I am much calmer during the rest of the day. I leave the house and truly experience a moment for myself. If I skip a day, I feel it right away. I’m not that good at meditating in silence. I prefer listening to a voice that guides the meditation. That is what I like about guided meditations, there is room for silence and self-reflection.

I also meditate regularly at night before going to bed. Sometimes I have real issues falling asleep, even when I’m extremely tired. If I wake up at night and lie awake, I put on a meditation and fall asleep again. If I can't fall asleep, I think 'oh yeah, I can also play a meditation' and that works. So I have that tool to help me out.

'You really get to work on yourself'

'When your mindset changes, so does your environment. People develop over the course of years, but I feel like I stood still for a number of years and lived from day to day. But when you meditate you enter a different state of consciousness. So much has happened since I started meditating on a daily basis. I opened up to love again, I came into contact with a life coach and started going to a career coach. I even registered for a course next year. You really get to work on yourself and that’s something I can recommend to everyone!'

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