Daphne: "After just four weeks of meditation, I was down to half the initial dose of my medication"

In this article Daphne talks about her experience with meditation.

“I had been meditating for a long time and when I had a burnout four years ago, I stopped doing it. This made matters even worse. Then one day I came across a breathing session by Meditation Moments, on Facebook, and thought ‘I'll give it a try’. I started to practice my breathing and I’ve never stopped since.”

I'm going to start meditating again and see what happens”

“During my burnout I took medication for anxiety attacks for almost four years, and after just four weeks of meditation I was down to half the initial dose of my medication. I’m doing better at home and at work, I’m less agitated and I’m able to exercise again. All because I decided that ‘I'm going to start meditating again and see what happens’.

I live together with my partner who tends to leave his stuff lying around. That used to drive me completely mad, but now I’m able to react calmly. Our relationship has improved and I also get along better with my colleagues. I’m much calmer now and don't get worked up over little things anymore. I used to have an emotional reaction to everything and often felt personally attacked, but now I take a step back so I can quietly reflect.”

“Even my bond with my dog ​​has improved”

Even my bond with my dog ​​has improved since I started meditating. I was always quite stressed and that would rub off on my dog ​​(a dog with emotional baggage). Now he lays down next to me every night while I meditate, something he never did before. I can hear his breathing calm down. And when I get up I can almost hear him think: ‘Hey boss, where are you going? Mind if I stay a while longer?’ It’s really very nice.”

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