Patricia: "Even my son wants to listen to the long version"

Patricia: "Even my son wants to listen to the long version"

5 juli 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023

In this article Patricia talks about her experience with meditation.

“As a highly sensitive person I often experience anxiety and I have been searching for a way to find more peace and calm. When I had a burnout I went to therapy and my therapist gave me breathing exercises and meditation as a tool. That really helped. Eventually I found out about the Meditation Moments App and its many benefits.”

“If I skip a few days of meditation, I start to feel restless again”

“Occasionally I get caught in the trap of not meditating every day. When I'm busy, I make the unconscious decision not to meditate. The app works great in bringing me back to what I need. Meditation helps me to achieve inner peace, to improve my concentration and to build resilience to stress when things go wrong. If I skip a few days of meditation, I start feeling restless again. Then I wonder 'how did this happen?', but I already know the answer.”

“The other day I was biking to work when my bag of food fell on the tram tracks. My lunchbox and apple just rolled onto the tracks. This is a perfect example of a situation that would have ruined my entire day. But now I noticed how calm I remained. I thought to myself 'that’s kind of annoying, but I can always go to the store during my break and buy some food'. Subconsciously I made a positive switch, and it didn't ruin my mood or my day. That’s what meditation has given me.”

“Meditation is great for any kid”

“My son also uses the app. He experiences strong reactions to stimuli and he’s always had problems sleeping. He’s not able to conclude the day properly in his mind. His body doesn’t produce enough melatonin by itself, so he has to take extra supplements. But I didn't want him to be dependent on the supplement for the rest of his life and since meditation worked for me, I wanted him to try it as well.

He was quite nervous about starting the app and a bit scared because of his anxiety disorder. So I got creative. I wrote the meditation The Wish Tree down on paper and I read it to him and his sister at bedtime. After a few weeks he wanted to listen to the app himself and now From your head to your feet is his favorite one. He will even ask me, "Mom, can I please listen to the long version?"

Listening to the app has become his standard bedtime ritual and helps him to fall asleep. Tim needed it more than his younger sister Eva, but meditation is great for any kid. We notice such a difference. Before he used to get out of bed during the night, but now he stays in bed and sleeps much better.”

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