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Our mission

Meditation Moments is here to offer you moments of inner peace, clarity and self-reflection. Our mission is to make the world more loving and peaceful by helping people become happy and successful in what they love to do. We view our meditations as stories for the soul, designed to give you insights for greater self-awareness.

By becoming all you can be, you will live your best life and inspire others to do the same. With your daily moments of meditation, soon, mindfulness will become your way of life. Meditation should become a part of our day-to-day life, whether that’s going for a walk, driving to work, or cooking dinner. Meditation is no longer something to do for a few minutes each morning or evening or just another task you need to check off your to-do list.

Your teacher Michael Pilarczyk

One day, as Michael was teaching a master class in a monastery in Barcelona, he decided to offer the group a live meditation. The response was palpable. Everyone was deeply affected and commented on how this had offered insights they had never previously considered.

Michael worked all his life with his voice, and he was aware of how powerful it is. During his first Meditation Session in a monastery in Barcelona, he realized that his voice could take people to a different place inside of themselves. A place where profound transformation takes place. He started guiding meditations for entire rooms full of people and watched as the magic unfolded. To this day, tens of thousands of people join in, live and online, when he offers guided meditation.

Michael Pilarczyk
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Meditations & music

The realization that we could positively transform listeners’ lives inspired Cindy and Michael to create Meditation Moments.

Michael & Cindy surrounded themselves with an amazing team of people, who all shared their mission and offered their wisdom and creativity to make the Meditation Moments App incredible. With self-composed music and guided meditations, we now have the honor of guiding 100K+ users on their daily journeys inwards. Every meditation is offered to you as a piece of poetry for the soul—a journey into a place of peace, clarity, and self-reflection.

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