Meditation for beginners? These 5 tips will help you start

Meditation for beginners? These 5 tips will help you start

19 april 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023
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So you’re sitting on your meditation cushion, ready to start. You decided to give it a go but it’s not that easy. The main question is, how do you meditate? Meditation can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to taking time for yourself. This article on meditation for beginners will help you along the way.

Meditation for beginners: why even try?

Anyone can learn to meditate and meditation is something everyone can do. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi. Do you get a little restless just thinking of sitting still (and not being busy planning, doing the dishes or entertaining the kids)? This is not strange! Meditation for beginners can be kind of confusing and even a little scary.

The fact is that meditation has different benefits such as relaxation, positivity and inner peace. It is a nice way to take a moment for yourself, a meditation moment. And let’s be honest, how many times a day do you actually do that? How often do you do absolutely nothing? This moment will lead to less stress, improved concentration, better sleep and a more emotional balance.

Meditation for beginners

Meditation can be quite difficult. As soon as you’re sitting on that meditation cushion or in that relaxing chair, your thoughts will start racing through your head. When you start to meditate it can be difficult to let go of your thoughts. That’s why we suggest a guided meditation which is a nice and easy way to get started. This meditation has a voice to guide you; all you have to do is focus on it and surrender.

quote meditation is the breeze that flows in when you open a window

Meditation tips for beginners

1. Start small

Setting a goal to meditate for 20 minutes a day is fantastic. But if you’ve never meditated before this goal is unrealistic. You’re better off by starting small and gradually building up the frequency and duration of your meditation moments. Do try to make it a regular practice. You could start with a meditation routine of 5 minutes every 2 days. Gradually build up to 10 minutes every 2 days or 5 minutes a day.

2. Put your expectations aside

Slightly jealous when you read about people who are ‘enlightened’ by meditation or feel their connection with the universe? Meditation isn’t magic or hocus-pocus. It’s actually very down to earth. You’re taking some time for yourself and leaving your thoughts behind which is the primary intention. So don’t set your expectations too high, eventually you’ll feel the effect meditation has on you. If you’ve been meditating regularly and wonder whether it’s working, stop meditating for a while and see what happens.

3. Schedule your meditation moments 

Meditation for beginners can be quite a challenge for moms and dads who are caught up in household chores and taking care of their kids. It’s the same for people who own a business and work at least 70 hours a week; they forget to find time for a ‘meditation moment’. So be conscious of scheduling your meditations and add them to your calendar, for example ‘7:00-7:15, morning meditation’.

Time can be quite a mindfuck. It feels like you’ve been sitting down for half an hour, but it’s only been 10 minutes. Or the other way around! The flow you’re in makes you feel like you’ve been meditating longer than you actually have been. You shouldn’t be feeling rushed when you’re meditating. Set a timer so you can completely relax during the meditation.

4. Meditation for beginners? Enjoy!

First time meditating? Relax, leave your expectations behind and enjoy. This is the most important part of it! Enjoy the time you’re taking for yourself and experience the benefits. If you give it enough time and rest you will certainly be experiencing the benefits.

5. Use a meditation app

Using an app for beginners meditation can be truly helpful. Meditation Moments is a source for guided meditations and meditation music. Almost all meditations have options ranging from 5 to 10 or 15 minutes. Just pick one and the meditation stops automatically when the time’s up. This way you will never meditate shorter or longer than planned.

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