Himalayan Crystal Sound Healing

Himalayan Crystal Sound Healing

5 juli 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023

Mira Arad, a filmmaker, visual artist, and sound lover was based in the Himalayas for more than 8 years where she was to make a transformative discovery of the sublime Full Moon Singing Bowls...

Path of sound healing

Being involved in numerous film projects, including the double Grammy-nominated '1 Giant Leap' (UK), is what introduced her to the musician/filmmaker Jamie Catto, also the founding member of the legendary band Faithless. Through the sacredness of sound, Jamie was then inspired to request some singing bowls from Mira, where she was determined to find the perfect ones for him, which then led to stumbling upon the humble maker and creator of the Full Moon Bowls. And so Mira's path of sound healing began...

The idea behind the creation design of the bowls was for achieving a higher vibration. Made with all its traditional beliefs in the sacred auspicious full moon day of the month, in order to harness the full moon's energy for celestial healing vibrations, therefore taking a few full moon nights to make. This enchanting procedure captivated Mira with their distinct sound and charm, thus being delightfully guided to involve the bowls within her profession.

"Attaining a clear light requires a pure mind, attaining a clear sound requires pure metals..."



The creator of the bowls emanates from a 3rd generation of healers within the vital legacy bearer of the Kassa minority, through the traditional metal artisans of Nag Bahal in the ancient Newari city of Patan in Kathmandu Valley. Kassa was a title bestowed to the traditional Newar metal artisans for their highly specialized and well-preserved art of working with Kassa, which literally means a seven-metal alloy.

Throughout all of his experience with singing bowls and healing recognition, he developed a technique to treat all kinds of health issues that were proven to be truly helpful for the body. This precious philosophy and practices are linked to the principle of achieving physical and spiritual peace, through the meditative and remedial aspects of sound.

Nature’s rhythm

After two full courses that Mira studied from the Maestro and staying with him and his family for around 2 years, she started to transfer the knowledge of sound healing overseas. In addition, the current and worldwide sales of the singing bowls are funding the "Son of Light" aid NGO with the aim of helping communities' children in remote villages in Nepal.

Mira follows nature's rhythm with the full trust of sound healing as the highest medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. She connects the healing work by channeling a pure light and activating ancient wisdom. The knowledge of sound has existed from the beginning of time combining with the sound healers of today riding on those frequency waves.

In 2020 whilst teaching sound healing in the serenity of Northern Ibiza, in a place surrounded by large ethically sourced crystal structures, she became familiar with the power of the crystals themselves. The sound vibrations dissolve perfectly with the ancient gemstones that keep archaic information within. This effective collection of resources then transpired into a new path of 'Himalayan Crystal Sound Healing,' evolving two powerful ancient sourced techniques formulating a peacemaking therapy for the body, mind, and soul.

Mira singing bowls Michael

For more information on the Son of Light and how to find the moon bowls, click this link. 

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