Sleep meditations - how to fall asleep in the evening

Sleep meditations - how to fall asleep in the evening

12 juli 2021
Updated on 7 juni 2023
Sleep meditations - how to fall asleep in the evening

Trouble falling asleep? Tossing and turning in bed all night? Are you a light sleeper that wakes up from the slightest noise? Sleep meditations will help you sleep better and deeper and wake up well-rested in the morning.

Meditate before going to sleep

If you’re not able to get good sleep, meditation is a great way to connect with yourself and experience peace. Every day we cope with an overflow of impressions that cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Sleep meditations are a way to file all these impressions and to prepare yourself for the night, mentally and physically. Meditation has a strong effect on your night's rest. You’re actually pressing the pause button and bringing your body into its state of rest. This allows you to sleep better and it’s a wonderful way to end the day.


Make it part of your evening routine

Meditation is most effective when you do it on a regular basis. Enjoying one good night of sleep is nice, but you probably prefer a good night's sleep every night. So how can you program this as a good new habit? Create an evening ritual for yourself. How do you like to end your day? It could be anything:

  • Evening meditations
  • Reading a good book
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Going for a walk
  • Doing yoga exercises
  • Listening to music

Set your alarm an hour before going to bed. That’s the start of your evening ritual. From that moment on try to avoid your screens as much as possible (cell phone, laptop, television). The screen’s blue light makes you more alert – not something you’re looking for when you're about to go to sleep.

Read a book, take a nice bath or end your day with a pleasant evening meditation. You can do a meditation while sitting, but it feels better if you can fall asleep afterwards. So make sure you’re ready for the night, get comfortable in bed and start the meditation. A big advantage is that you can stay in your bed if you fall asleep during or after the meditation!

Plan your meditation moment in the evening

The Meditation Moments app contains meditations for every moment of the day, including the evening.

It features beautiful evening meditations - from 5 to 45 minutes – which can be done before you go to sleep. End your day with gratitude, soothe your negative emotions or try a peaceful breathing exercise.

All evening meditations help you calm down, relax your body and start the night relaxed, so that you’re well-rested in the morning and ready for a day full of energy.

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