Transforming negativity into positivity with meditation (+ listen to Deepak Chopra)

Transforming negativity into positivity with meditation (+ listen to Deepak Chopra)

30 mei 2022
Updated on 21 juni 2023
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If you can turn feelings of fear and unrest into feelings of love, power and positivity, you can create magic. That is when your inner journey to wealth and abundance begins! This article will show you some ways to get started with meditation.

Tip: the podcast episode of Michael Pilarczyk and Deepak Chopra at the end of this article will delve deeper into this topic.

Focus on negativity

Let’s say you just gave a presentation to a group of 10 people. 9 out of these 10 were very positive. The tenth person was not so pleased and gives you some pointers. When you drive home at the end of the day, what will stick in your mind the most? Probably that one negative remark. People quickly forget the positive reactions, but remember the negative remark.

This is how it also works in your everyday life. Many of us are concerned, consciously or subconsciously, about things that aren’t going well (yet) or goals that haven’t been achieved (yet). We complain that we have low self-esteem, that we are financially unstable or that we don’t have an intimate relationship.

Many people think: if I do have more self-esteem, if I am financially stable or if I do have an intimate relationship, then will I truly be happy.

This scarcity mindset prevents us from experiencing true inner peace, acceptance and satisfaction. You’re not focusing on all the beauty around you, your focus is on negativity and scarcity.

This cycle will not be broken when you do reach financial stability or find that loving relationship. At that point, there will be other things you aren’t happy with.

Meditation for inner peace and acceptance

How can you change these deep feelings of limitation and fear? And focus your consciousness, energy and intuition on experiencing inner strength, love and transcendence in your life? Only then can magic come into existence and do you have access to life’s limitless possibilities

Meditation is a perfect tool. When you meditate, you learn to focus on your breathing, on a voice or music. You are fully conscious and not distracted by (negative) thoughts. It gives the mind more space and creates a deep sense of gratitude.

If you meditate every day for a couple of minutes, you will start to experience positive effects after just a couple of days. It helps you to get new energy and clarity, to worry less, to become more creative and sleep better. Your brain is developing and becomes healthier. And you're going to notice that! In addition, meditation is a way to reach a certain state that connects you to your own higher consciousness and contact with Cosmic Intelligence.

Awakening consciousness with Deepak Chopra

In his latest podcast episode, Michael Pilarczyk speaks with Deepak Chopra about the inner path to wealth and abundance, which also includes meditation. Deepak Chopra is a teacher of meditation, wellness, health and consciousness and author of 92 books on these topics. His latest book "The Spiritual Lesson of Wealth" will be discussed in detail during this podcast episode.

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