How to start your day with meditation - but without extra effort

How to start your day with meditation - but without extra effort

22 augustus 2022
Updated on 21 juni 2023
start your day with meditation

At the beginning of 2022, we did a study among 7597 users of the Meditation Moments app. A large proportion of the respondents are users who have fully integrated meditation into their daily routine. For many, the morning is the best time to meditate because it gives them more peace of mind for the rest of the day. But how did meditation become a habit for them? Read further for the best tips on meditation in the morning.

1. Meditate as soon as you wake up

“I start the day with Meditation Moments” is probably the most frequently used response in our study. Many users meditate as soon as they wake up, and do so while still in their snug, warm bed. The moment they open their eyes they do a meditation, a body scan or listen to the 'suggested meditation of the day'. Easy does it, they don't even have to schedule it.

This is how you can start your day in peace and quiet, and take that feeling with you for the rest of the day. When your meditation of 5, 10 or 15 minutes is done, that’s when your day really begins. Perhaps with a shower, breakfast or the rest of your morning routine. If you do this every morning, every day, it will become a habit eventually.

2. Set your alarm clock a bit early

You may ask yourself: "Where do I find time to meditate in the morning, I have very little time as it is?”. The respondents have the perfect answer: set your alarm clock a bit early! A short meditation is better than no meditation. Set aside a few minutes in the morning for yourself. Use this 'extra' time to meditate and to start your day with the right intention. An extra tip from our users: start short, for example 3 minutes. You will notice that this automatically becomes longer as you start to experience the benefits of meditation.

3. Set a daily reminder

Another tip is to set a daily meditation reminder. For many Meditation Moments users that have made meditation a habit, it took some getting used to at first. That's why our study shows that users tend to set a meditation reminder when they first start meditating, in order to receive a meditation notification. At a certain point it became such a habit that the reminder was no longer necessary.

4. Meditate while taking a shower or brushing your teeth

If you don't feel like setting aside time for meditation or you know you won't be able to free up some time, make meditation a part of the things you do anyway. You’re probably in the bathroom every morning brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Take that the moment to put on a meditation, visualization or affirmation track. It will provide enough positive energy for the rest of the day, without taking up any extra time.

5. Schedule a set time during breakfast

"I take a moment for myself before breakfast to meditate, so I can start the day in peace.” This tip also came up a lot in our study. Breakfast is most likely something you do every day and you can easily combine it with a meditation.

Avoid mindless scrolling through social media but put on a meditation instead. This will help you eat more consciously. You can also start or end your breakfast with a few minutes of silence. If you do this often enough, you are teaching yourself that breakfast = meditation. At some point it may even feel crazy to have breakfast without a meditation.

6. Meditate during your morning walk (with your dog)

You don't have to sit still to meditate. Walking while meditating is a perfect alternative! That's what many respondents in our study discovered. Especially those who have a dog and go outside every single day. They turn their 'standard' walk into a meditative moment by putting on an affirmation or listening to soothing music.

Take along your headphones or earphones during your next morning walk and put on a pleasant meditation or affirmation. Did you know that there are special walking meditations? Made especially to listen to while walking.

7. Meditate on the go

If you travel to work every morning, by car or public transport, make that your meditation moment. We’re not asking you to close your eyes while driving, but why not try affirmations? Just repeat them out loud (no one will hear you). If you are traveling by bus or train, listening to affirmations or meditations might be the way to go. Put on your headphones or earphones and close your eyes – only if you feel comfortable. It’s a way to completely shut yourself off from the outside world and the hustle and bustle around you, just for a few minutes.

Meditating in the morning will help you start your day with peace of mind. And that’s a feeling you will take with you for the rest of the day! You will feel more positive, calm and happy. Are you going to experience these benefits too?

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