Meditate together with SharePlay

Meditate together with SharePlay

16 februari 2022

Would you like to meditate together with others, while you are all in a different location? Now you can with SharePlay.

What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is a feature in the FaceTime app that allows you to listen to music or watch movies together with others via a FaceTime call. The Meditation Moments app supports SharePlay, so you can listen to meditations in the app together.

You can even share premium meditations with people who only have the free version of the app. And even with people who don’t have an account.

How to use SharePlay

  1. Start a FaceTime call.
  2. Go to Home screen and open Meditation Moments (but do not stop the call).
  3. Select a meditation and press the play button.
  4. A message will appear, notifying you that you can play material through SharePlay at the same time. Continue by pressing 'SharePlay'.
  5. The people who are participating in the conversation select ‘Join SharePlay’.
  6. The meditation will now play simultaneously for all participants.

Who can join you?

To use SharePlay make sure that all participants update their devices to iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1. Only then can you access SharePlay. It is also available with a newer software-update, which allows everyone to start a conversation and share a meditation.

Note: it is useful if the person you want to share content with has the Meditation Moments app on his/her phone or tablet. If not, he/she will receive a notification to install the app. After that, the app will immediately open the meditation.

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