8 meditation tips to quiet your mind before sleep

8 meditation tips to quiet your mind before sleep

22 augustus 2022
Updated on 21 juni 2023
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Meditation is a pleasant way to bring your body and mind to rest, completely disconnect and prepare for the night. Many Meditation Moments app users experience better sleep when they meditate at night. So we asked over 7597 users what their best meditation tip is before going to sleep and listed the top 8!

1. Schedule a meditation moment

The more something becomes a habit, the less effort it takes. It works the same way with meditation. In the beginning you may have to remind yourself, but in time you will find that it almost happens automatically. So if you want to meditate more often, schedule a fixed moment to do an evening meditation, for example right after dinner or just before going to bed. You can set a meditation reminder in the app or simply turn on an alarm clock on your mobile.

2. Start with music and expand to meditations

Does meditation still feel like a high threshold? Start with listening to music. You don't have to sit down while listening; you can listen while brushing your teeth, cleaning your face or during any other part of your evening routine. When listening to music feels like it has become a scheduled moment, replace the music with a meditation.

3. Stretch your meditation time

Your meditation time is something you can easily stretch. You don't have to meditate for an hour to experience the positive effects. A few minutes every day can make a big difference! Start with a short meditation, for example 3 minutes, before you go to sleep and slowly build it up. Since it is only 3 minutes, the meditation threshold will not be too high.

4. Listen to music before (and during) sleep

The music in the Meditation Moments app stops automatically, so you can pick a nice song and turn it on when you’re ready to fall asleep. The track Deep relaxation is good to start with! Make sure you’re ready for the night (teeth brushed, pajamas on etc.) so you can fall asleep and don't have to get out of bed again.

5. Listen to binaural beats when you can't sleep

Binaural beats are special tones that synchronize with your brainwaves and create a state of deep relaxation, focus or sleep. The binaural beats that vibrate at delta frequencies (0-4 hertz) are the ones that provide deep relaxation. And that is helpful when you can't sleep at night! 

If it so happens, grab your earphones or headphone and put on a pleasant track. Take your time, it can take about 15 to 20 minutes before binaural beats have the desired effect. Just let the music play. The binaural beats also stop automatically after an hour (during which time you will hopefully have fallen asleep).

If you tend to read before bed, listen to binaural beats at delta frequencies to help you relax.

6. Keep your wireless earphones on your nightstand

Another tip from Meditation Moments users: keep a set of earphones on your nightstand. That way you can easily follow a meditation before you go to sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself counting sheep, pick up your earphones and listen to a meditation without waking up your partner. Be sure you have comfortable, wireless earphones for sleeping - very important!

Tip: download a pleasant meditation (or several) in advance so you can listen to them offline. This way you can leave your mobile on airplane mode and won't receive any message notifications.

7. Meditate together with your partner

Meditating together with your partner before going to sleep can be great. This way you keep each other accountable (and that’s an extra incentive). Listen to a gratitude meditation when you’re in bed together and talk about what you were grateful for that day. This is a great way to end the day. Of course you can also do this with your child(ren).

8. Turn meditation into a self-care moment

Make your moment of meditation a moment of self-care. Time for yourself, every single night! Take a bath with essential oils and listen to a pleasant meditation in the background. This is how you turn it into a small ritual. Play affirmations during your evening ritual in the bathroom, so you can repeat the affirmations in your mind (or out loud) while showering, brushing your teeth or getting changed. These small rituals are also very enjoyable for children.

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