Affirmations for health

Affirmations for health

17 februari 2022
affirmations for health

Sometimes you hear stories about people who are as fit as a fiddle, until they are diagnosed with something. After that it’s all downhill. As soon as they realize that they are sick, it becomes their reality and they truly do feel sick.

It just goes to show that your body and soul are intricately connected. We notice this when we are stressed or sad, or when we feel angry or frustrated. It affects your health. People can literally get sick from sadness. Also your body can feel completely blocked by stress.

These are examples of negative influences. However, the relationship between body and mind can also be a positive one. This means that your mind can positively affect your body.

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Affirmations and health

Mindset is everything. A powerful mindset allows you to deal with many different aspects in life. But sometimes you just have a lot on your plate. This can be especially difficult when it involves your health, a part of life you can’t always change.

Affirmations do not make a tumor disappear nor do they heal a broken leg. That tumor needs to be removed or radiated and the leg needs a cast. What affirmations for health can do, however, is help you to stay positive. Kind of like looking through rose-colored glasses. They help to:

  • remain positive
  • keep sight of your end goal
  • (continue) seeing yourself as a beautiful and powerful person
  • keep trusting the process
  • believe that you’re strong enough

Affirmations for health do not only help if you are seriously ill. They also help when you want to feel better about yourself, be more confident about your health or have a more positive outlook on life.

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Do affirmations help your health?

The question is whether affirmations for health make or keep you healthy. The answer is ‘not necessarily’. It’s not a wonder drug. In other words: you are the one who needs to work at being healthy.

Listening to affirmations while sitting on your couch with a bag of chips is not going to help. You need to be actively involved in getting or staying healthy. For the main part this means: doing sports and eating healthy, but also thinking healthy. And that’s exactly how affirmations can help.

Take a look at these beautiful affirmations for self-love.

How to use affirmations

First of all, it is important that you choose affirmations that resonate with you. You can make them yourself or use existing affirmations, but it is important that you really feel them.

Write them down where you can easily find them and repeat them every day. Then you can let them go. Affirmations are no quick fix. You won’t feel better or more self-confident straight away. Changing your mindset takes time so give it the time it needs, and eventually you will notice a difference.

Instead of writing down, you can also listen to affirmations. The Meditation Moments app includes tracks with affirmations for letting go, self-worth, creativity, kindness and abundance. The spoken affirmations are accompanied by pleasant music which will totally mesmerize you. You can also listen to the tracks while dancing or working out. The tracks last from 4 to 13 minutes, depending on how much time you have. This way you can easily engage in affirmations, even when you don’t have that much time.

Some of the most powerful affirmations for health.

  • I am grateful for the life force which flows through me.
  • Every day, I breathe in strength and energy and breathe out stress.
  • My body is energetic and full of life energy.
  • Every day I am feeling fitter and healthier.
  • I love my body.
  • I am healthy, happy and optimistic.
  • I feel good.
  • Investing in my health is one of the best investments I can make.
  • I focus on my positive progress.
  • I focus on what feels good.
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