Affirmations App

Affirmations App

11 november 2021
Updated on 5 april 2022
affirmations app

With an affirmations app, the power of affirmations is always at your fingertips. The affirmations in the Meditation Moments app help you to experience more creativity, love, happiness and self-confidence in your life. Try it now!

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What is an affirmations app?

If you talk to yourself positively often enough, you change the way you think. By repeating these thoughts over and over again, you will eventually change the way you feel about life. You will actually feel happier and your outlook on life becomes increasingly positive. This app will help you do your affirmations daily. 

Affirmations are a powerful tool. With these positive and empowering phrases, you can reprogram yourself. And an affirmations app can help you do that! An affirmations app does the thinking for you. In the Meditation Moments app, for example, we have made a selection of powerful affirmations and combined them with a pleasant beat. You can repeat them in your mind or out loud, so that they can really sink in. 

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The purpose of a daily affirmations app is to help you believe that you are capable of much more than you might think. Affirmations boost your self-confidence and positivity and help you to live the life you desire. Love, self-confidence, healing, success and gratitude are within reach!

3 ways to use affirmations

There are different ways to make affirmations:

1. Repeating affirmations out loud or in your mind

One way to use affirmations is to say them out loud or do it in your mind. And yes, this can be quite uncomfortable at first. But the more you do this, the more you will get used to it.

Saying affirmations out loud will feel especially uncomfortable if you don't really feel anything. Therefore, make sure that you can really feel what you are saying. It may help to meditate briefly before starting your affirmations, so that you enter a calm and meditative state and begin to feel more than think.

The music used with the affirmations in the Meditation Moments app also helps you enter into a more meditative state. In addition, you do not have to find out which affirmations are suitable for the theme you want to work on. We have already done this for you! All you have to do is listen and let the powerful sentences sink in.

Do you find it too uncomfortable to say the affirmations out loud? Then start by saying them in your mind.

3. Practice Mirror Work

One lady who very much encouraged saying affirmations out loud was Louise Hay. This American writer of non-fiction books, especially on personal growth and positive thinking, was a great advocate of affirmations.

The method she often used herself and also taught others is called mirror work. During mirror work, you look at yourself in the mirror while repeating positive affirmations. In this way, you can really talk to yourself and become very aware of the words you use. In this way, the words can really get to you.

A mirror reflects the feelings you have about yourself. It immediately makes you aware of any resistance you may have and of your possibilities. The most powerful affirmations are the ones you say out loud when you stand in front of the mirror, looking deeply into your eyes

Louise Hay
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2. Writing down affirmations and putting them up

Affirmations are extra powerful when used in different ways. For example, you can perfectly combine an affirmations app and mirror work. You can also write out the affirmations that you find most powerful and put them up so you can see them.

Write them down on a note and put them up, for example on the mirror, the fridge door or the bedroom wall. The location does not matter so much, as long as it is somewhere you can see the affirmations the affirmations every day. That way you are reminded of those beautiful, positive thoughts every day. 

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Why use an affirmations app?

Have you ever used affirmations before? Then it may feel pretty weird. Talking to yourself in the mirror is not exactly something everyone feels comfortable with. And if you do not feel it, affirmations do not stick. Then they quickly lose their power. It can quickly feel like a chore, for which you have to read out a list of affirmations.

An affirmations app like Meditation Moments can help. The app includes tracks with affirmations about creativity, kindness, love, letting go and self-worth. These tracks combine spoken affirmations with a pleasant beat. Therefore, you can also use them very well for dancing or during sports.

You can listen to tracks from 4 to 13 minutes, depending on how much time you have. This way, you can easily work with affirmations even when you have less time.

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