Powerful affirmations to manifest

Powerful affirmations to manifest

5 april 2022
affirmations to manifest

Shape your life with powerful affirmations!

What is manifestation?

This probably sounds familiar. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and seem to be cursed for the rest of the day. Everything seems to be failing. The yogurt falls on the floor, you miss the bus, you forget your lunch ... And your grumpiness continues to get worse. Thoughts like 'everything is going wrong' and 'what a bad day' are going through your mind. You feel like a bit of a failure and failure is exactly what you are attracting.

‘What a wonderful day’

Then there are days when everything seems to be going wonderfully perfect. You wake up with the sunshine on your face, receive a compliment from the mailman, are enjoying your day and everyone seems to be smiling at you. Meanwhile, thoughts like 'what a wonderful day' and 'I feel so good' are going through your mind.

You go into both days with a different energy and subconsciously you are manifesting. Manifesting is making your thoughts become reality, whether positive or negative.

You are the author of your own story

But manifestations can also be used in a more conscious way, to give your life direction. You are the author of your own life story. All the choices you make today determine the course of your life. You have more influence on your own future than you think!

At times things don’t go the way you want them to go. Some circumstances are beyond your control, but your mindset plays an important role. The things we believe in, determine our reality. You can never become greater than the thoughts you have. 

The moment you start to realize that, you start to think differently and reprogram yourself to be successful. Maybe a happy life is not for everyone, but why not give it a try?

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Manifestation in 3 steps

Step 1: Determine your intention

Before you can manifest anything, you must first know what you want to manifest. Is there something you want to change in your life? This could be anything from work, relationships, health or housing, to money ... Write it down clearly and concisely.

Step 2: visualize, meditate, affirm

Next, you want to visualize and actually feel that which you want to change. You can use different 'methods' to do this; meditation, visualization and powerful affirmations are the most important ones. Visualization makes exactly clear what it is that you want to manifest and meditation allows you to focus your energy on it. Affirmations help you to reinforce it.

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How does visualization work?

Visualization is like surfing the web. Are you looking for an answer to something important you are working on? Use meditation and visualization to tune into your question

This can only be done when you are surrounded by peace and quietness. ‘Turn off’ your ratio and don't use it to think, but write down the question and meditate for 20 minutes. If you have formulated something clearly and concisely and send that question out into the universe, the universe will respond right away or a bit later that week.

Static on the line

Google doesn't work if you unplug the computer. The same is true of visualization. The cosmic energy that surrounds us and connects us all is always present and gives us the power, wisdom and answers we need. When you’re visualizing, you have to trust the energy source that is trying to help you.

But the hard part about this is that you need to turn yourself off. You are always the disruptive factor or the static on the line. The moment you stop believing in cosmic energy - when you pull the plug - it will not work and nothing will happen. The energy will be disrupted. That’s why it is important to have faith in yourself, and to tune out your rationality as well as your limiting beliefs.

The powerful affirmations you choose depend on that which you want to manifest. What areas of your life would you like to change? Adjust your affirmations accordingly.

Examples of powerful affirmations:

  • My life continues to become more beautiful every day.
  • I am creating the life I love.
  • I am abundance.
  • I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guidance.
  • I have the freedom to create my own future.
  • I will find my own path.
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Step 3: Take action

Only action leads to results. Want to start your own business as an entrepreneur? It would make no sense to spend a year working on your letterhead and logo. Move before you're ready! Make sure you have enough cash flow to finance your business, then quit and create the need to earn money. That’s the only way you’ll make sure that money is coming in.

This is not only important when you’re an entrepreneur. Only action leads to results also applies to all other facets of life. Even monks in Tibet and Mother Theresa say so. You can't keep waiting, you’ll have to take action.

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