Affirmations about Money

Affirmations about Money

12 januari 2022
Updated on 5 april 2022
affirmations about money

More often than not, taboos around money still exist. Some even think that money is ‘bad’ or ‘dirty’. Yet, if this is how you view money, you will never be able to create some financial space in your life. Use affirmations for money to create a positive money mindset and a relaxed attitude towards money.

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Money and the law of attraction

To be clear: affirmations for money will not help you to earn more money. That’s not how it works. No matter how often you repeat these affirmations, you won’t find more money on your bank account.

Nothing will change if you don’t do anything about it.

The law of attraction states that similar vibrations attract each other. So if you send positive vibrations, you will attract other positive vibrations. This works in a positive as well as a negative way.

Imagine you work for yourself and would like to earn more money. Simple and clear. In that case you can use the law of attraction towards achieving your goal. But nothing will happen if you don’t do anything yourself. You need to take action! Only then things will come your way, will you meet people and see chances.

Things only happen when you get up and move. Energy must flow.

affirmations about money

Money mindset

‘Affirmations for money’ is a good tool to improve your money mindset.

Everyone has a money mindset. It is how you view money and how you deal with it. This mindset determines the choices you make regarding money. Are you someone who saves money or do you tend to spend it all?

This mindset is often determined early in life, at a young age.

Say your parents never had enough money. They were always thrifty, had to turn over each penny and ‘the money didn’t grow on trees’.

Later on in life, when you’re an adult, you might be dealing with money in the same way, even though you don’t have to.

Perhaps you always had to work hard, juggle multiple jobs and do your best for a lousy salary. Now you have a better-paid job, but you still feel like you need to work hard for it and you’re not able to relax.

It also works the other way around. If you come from a family that has plenty of money, you may reach a point where you believe that there will always be money. For yourself, for others.

In other words, a healthy money mindset is a healthy relationship with money.

There are different ways to work on your money mindset: the people you interact with, the books you read, the experiences you have. Affirmations for money can also be a good tool.

What are good affirmations about money?

If you are currently in a bad relationship with money, affirmations could be just the thing for you. They can help relieve the pressure.

Examples of affirmations for money:

  • I always have enough money.
  • Money flows easily into my life.
  • I attract money naturally.
  • I accept financial success.
  • I am worthy of having money.
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