How to deal with stress - 5 tips to reduce stress

How to deal with stress - 5 tips to reduce stress

9 augustus 2021
Updated on 8 oktober 2021

How to deal with stress! – Suffering from stress can make you feel overwhelmed. Stress can control your life yet it’s not difficult to learn how to cope with it. There are several things you can do to reduce stress. Here are 5 tips!

1. Exercise to reduce stress

How to deal with stress? Exercise!

Exercise is good for you. It gives you energy and keeps your body fit. But exercise is also good for you mental well-being! It’s a way to relax and get out of your mind.

In addition, it actively reduces the level of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in your body. This makes you feel rested and relaxed; it seems like all the stress has left your body and you feel satisfied.

Actually, the best time to exercise is when you feel you don't have enough time because there is 'so much else that needs to be done'! Choose a sport that suits you. Not much of a runner? Try yoga, take a long walk or go for a bike ride. As long as you start moving!

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2. Less caffeine/less sugar

Do you drink a lot of coffee? If your body gets too much caffeine, you can become restless and irritable. It can increase your sensitivity and also your susceptibility to stress. It stimulates the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

When you’re under a lot of stress, you may be tempted to reach for a bag of cookies in the cupboard or a chocolate bar. But if you eat a lot of sugars your energy peak increases enormously. Unfortunately, it also decreases quite a bit afterwards. This can make you feel down. So try to avoid too much coffee or sugar!

3. Out of your head and down on paper

Sometimes people have a lot on their mind, a lot on their to-do list or they’re just very nervous about something. In these moments it can be helpful to step out of your head for a bit. Grab a pen and paper and start writing. Write down everything you still have to do, everything that scares you, everything that stresses you out, and everything that makes you happy.

It can be soothing to write down your thoughts and feelings. And when it's down on paper you can observe it from a distance. You'll notice that you start to unwind and to reflect. Is it really as bad as it seemed?


4. Reduce stress with essential oils

Some people like to use essential oils when they suffer from a lot of stress. Essential oils are 100% pure and clean oils made from plant materials, such as tree bark, flower petals, seeds or fruits.

The scent of these oils can affect your mood. A drop of lavender in a warm bath can help with deep relaxation. The scents of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood have a calming effect and can enhance the feeling of relaxation.

5. How to deal with stress? Meditate!

If you’re wondering what to do about stress, turn off your mail and cell phone, look for a quiet place, breathe in and out and relax. Meditation can help you to relax.

Do you feel tired at times but don't know why? It might be the tension in your body. It helps when you tense your muscles first and then relax them. This may sound strange, but by creating tension you will be able to relax more easily afterwards.

You’re not always aware of the fact that your body is tense. By consciously tensing your muscles and then releasing the tension you will notice the difference. It’s also nice to do a meditation in the evening, so you can relax and fall asleep afterwards.

The Meditation Moments App contains several meditations, ranging in length from short to long, for when you are feeling stressed or in need of a moment of relaxation.

Of course you can meditate whenever you need some peace and quiet, but it's even better to schedule moments of preventive meditation. If you take a moment every day to reconnect with yourself, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, you will notice that stress has less of an effect on you.

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