Visualization to achieve your goals: the power of visualization

Visualization to achieve your goals: the power of visualization

11 mei 2021
Updated on 21 juni 2023

Everyone has dreams and goals. Visualization is a technique that can help you achieve those dreams and goals faster. And it also requires the power of your brain.

What is visualization?

Visualization means training the power of your imagination. In your mind you create images of your dream or goal. In fact you’re making a concrete image of where you see yourself going. It’s actually the same as fantasizing but then towards a clear goal.

This is how you create the right mindset. Your brain can’t tell the difference between real actions and imagined actions. When you imagine yourself engaged in an activity, your brain creates neural pathways. So your brain thinks you are actually doing that particular activity.

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How does visualization work?

Visualization is like a mental trick and it works well during or after meditations when you’re in that meditative state. You can visualize achieving your goal or the path leading towards it.

Let’s say your dream is to have a red Ferrari. Imagine you’re sitting in that Ferrari. How does it feel? Who’s in the car with you? What do you hear? Where do you live? Use all your senses.

It works best when you imagine you have achieved your goal. You’re already there. It’s already yours. That Ferrari is not your goal; it’s already yours. So when you drive that Kia Picanto it feels like you’re actually driving your dream sports car.

This way you focus on what’s already there instead of what isn’t there yet (even though it’s not ‘really’ there yet). When you visualize something, you make yourself believe that you are exactly where you want to be, which increases your motivation, self-confidence and perseverance.

Many famous (and less famous) people use visualization and say that it has lead them to where they are today.

I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.

– Muhammad Ali

But merely visualizing is not enough, you must also act accordingly. Long before Muhammad Ali became one of world’s greatest boxers, he already claimed he was the greatest. However, he had to train very hard for years before he reached the top.


Visualization can be used in all aspects of life. Your relationship, work, hobbies, health, family, spirituality. It forces you to think consciously about where you want to be.

A vision board is a handy tool to keep your goals and dreams top of mind.

Grab a board (a piece of cardboard or a large sheet of paper) and collect all kinds of images related to your goal. The images don’t have to represent the goal itself but they do evoke a certain emotion.

Are you going for the red Ferrari? Don’t just stick images of red Ferrari’s on your board, but also use images that symbolize a feeling.

Visualization through meditations

The Meditation Moments App contains a couple of pleasant visualizations that can help you generate a mental picture. The voice of Michael Pilarczyk will guide you through the visualization meditations.

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