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Experience more focus, less stress and better sleep

  • Meditations and music for every moment of the day, varying from 3 to 60 minutes.
  • Sound healing & binaural beats for more relaxation and focus.
  • Unique programs about breathing and meditation.

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“From relaxation and restion your mind and body. Whether you’re starting your meditation practice, or your curious, or you’ve already been practicing for a long time. I highly recommend Meditation Moments.”

“Meditation Moments is this library of guided meditations, music, sound frequencies, all designed to help you really silence that monkey brain. Relax, be present with the Meditation Moments app”

Meditation Moments is currently my favorite meditation app. I love the different kind of meditations depending on the time of day that you want to meditate. Definitely try it for yourself!

This app is my go to app for better sleep! I especially love the mediation 'end your day with gratitude'.

#1 meditation app
in the Netherlands
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4.9 stars
average rating
30k reviews
on iOS and Google Play
1M+ users
across all platforms

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